Pleased to announce CQ Mumbai Leap Year (VHF) Contest to be conducted between 1st February to 29th February 2020. ( Both days Inclusive ).

Aim: To increase on air activities and  to bring new ham on air.

The Contest Nets are

25 Sahyadri Net (01.02.20 to 29.02.20)

25 Night Owls Net (01.02.20 to 29.02.20)

Net timings : [IST]
Sahyadri Net :-7:30 am to 7:40am
Night Owl’s Net :- 9:30 pm to 10:00 pm
[Monday to Saturday]

*Rules & Regulation*

1. Every Check-ins in the Sahyadri Net and Night Owls Net fetch One point each.

2. If the check-ins are more than 29 Stations in any of the net, the stations checked in during that particular net will get one additional point.

3. If anyone introduces a new station, and the new station (Who’s license is not more than one year old) and the new station must check-in at least 15 nets days, then the introducer will ger 3 bonus points and the new station will get one bonus point.

4. The Contest will be on 145.000 with positive shift for VHF Net ( Matheran Repeater ) as well Simplex Check-in on 145.000 will also be considered.

5. If any technical issues with the repeater, the net will be conducted on 145.000 simplex.

6. Yes, check-in through Echolink also be considered, but there will be minus points.

7. The net is open for all HAMs.

8. The Net Controllers and CQ Mumbai contest organisers decision will be final.

9. The Prizes will be distributed during the Next CQ Mumbai Meet. Prize winners must remain present in CQ Mumbai Eyeball Meet for claiming their prizes else will be declared disqualified and not eligible for any prize.

The Prizes:
The prices will be issued to the first 3 positions and the same will be announced at the time of result.

All who completes 29 check-ins will be eligible for a Digital Certificate.

PS : Any query please feel free to contact us on

Happy Hamming.

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