When the subject is HAM Radio and the day is a holiday,  HAMs do not need anything more to motivate them. This spirit was demonstrated by come together by them at every eyball meet all over the world.

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Year 2013 :

In July 2013,  discussion on CQMUMBAI yahoo group  was going on to have  at  least  an eyeball meet.  Few  of the  HAM’s  took  the  lead and after few surveys and discussions  all agreed on the same.  

More :  cqmumbai eyeball 2013.. Brief Report

Year 2014 :

An initiative by VU2SGW and support by VU2FXF, the meet again happened at Thane on 14.09.14 with 88 Hams and few SWLs. The meet scheduled for a full day with various presentations. This time the HAMs from Nasik and Pune are also joined.

Brief report by VU2PYC  : cqmumbai eyeball 2014

Brief report by VU2KWI : cqmumbai eyeball  2014 @ Thane 

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Year 2016 :

After a small gap, with the initiation by VU2SPM, VU2KWJ, VU2KWI and other supportive HAMs, the CQ Mumbai meet again happened at The Royal Bombay Yacht Club, Behind Taj Mahal Hotel, Opp. Gateway of India, Mumbai on 20.03.16 with 65 Hams and few SWLs. The meet had scheduled for a full day which discussed various topics  and homebrew demonstrations and a lunch together. This time we had a DX  HAM and the HAMs from Nasik and Pune are also joined.

Brief report will be added soon

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Year 2017 :

CQMumbai Eyeball Meet 2017 got an overwhelming response with presence of 80 HAM’s and SWLs. Not only from Mumbai but fellow HAM’s all the way from Pune, Chennai and Netherlands were present as it was open for all and not restricted to Mumbai HAM’s only.

Along with VU2KWJ, VU2SPM and VU2WE  taken up the lead roles to get the Venue at CCI Mumbai and to do all the necessary arrangements. As scheduled the meet started at 11:30 am and VU2NP Shared his vast experience about antennas and its installations, maintenance, tips and tricks etc.  VU2JE Continued with apartment antennas which is help full to the hams living in concrete forest. VU2UPX comes with his home brewed projects of VHF, HF and many more. Once Charu completed, t has been announced its the time for lunch and had a  wounder full Lunch. The second part started by VU2CDP talked about “HF- Fun for everyone ” which also explained the important of how to keep your shack. PA7FRN invited to speak about the activities at Netherlands and he also explained about FRN (Free Radio Network)

Thanks to all participants, including  DX participants like PA7FRN, VU2GMN, VU2VPR etc.

The program ended as scheduled, with a group photo

CQ Mumbai Amateur Radio Convention – 2019

After a break in 2018, the CQ Mumbai Amateur Radio Convention returns in 2019 on Sunday, the 3rd of March. This year’s programme will be longer than past editions – starting at 10 am and finishing by 5 pm – and will provide ample time to socialize, listen to a variety of speakers on a range of interesting topics, enjoy a sumptuous lunch and even share a few light-hearted moments over tea!

Thanks to Kaushik VU2KTW, we have a got the opportunity to schedule the event at  centrally located QTH in association with PVP S.N.D.T. Santa Cruz (West), Mumbai – 49.

The programme schedule was rich of activities like Meet & greet, Technical forum (homebrewing, latest developments, etc.) Operating forum (contesting /dxing, VHF & above, etc.),   Open forum for clubs and Special announcements. We had great guest speakers

The photos and videos available photos section

CQ Mumbai Amateur Radio Convention – 2022

After a gap of Pandemic time, CQ Mumbai Amateur Radio Convention 2022 is scheduled on 09th October 2022. More info will be updated soon

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