VU2LK, Radio handle: Bob, real name Bhavsinh Morarji Tanna popularly know to family members as mota bhai i.e. big brother. VU2LK received HAM license in 1936 at the age of 21. An article titled “Travel round the world without leaving your armchair” got attracted him to this amateur radio hobby.

Bob took a lead role during freedom movement. He helped Indian National Congress and made equipment for them as there were no tape recorders in those days and he used to record the messages and speeches on acetate discs.

After independence, Bob (as he known on the air), VU2LK, was once again licensed as an Amateur Radio operator. He received official recognition as a nonviolent Freedom Fighter and was named a national hero for his underground radio work in the Gandhian movement.

He was very active HAM operator and used homebrew rigs and antennas.

VU2LK, OM Bob become  silent key on 18th Feb 2011 at the age  96

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