Hello friends
We are introducing a new feature where all Amateur Radio Operators Home QTH (station location) are being plotted on google maps , this map would be an interactive map where hams will be plotted into different municipality which are part of MMR , all collated information such as working condition, pic of respective radio shack and more, of an individual station will be displayed , which may be useful for ham.
Starting with Amateur Radio Operators of MMR ( Mumbai Metropolitan Region) ONLY will be plotted, as it get publicize then maybe we can scale  into other regions too.
If all hams of MMR are plotted on Google map , it will help us to determine the RST report of repeater and simplex , also during emergency it will be easier to know the nearest ham around us.

If you wished to be plotted on the google map, please update your details through the below link. We assuring that the mobile and email id will not be shared on the google map and only details such as your station location, working conditions and your pic and radio shack will be shared along with your QRZ page link.

Click here to share your details

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