His own words

“Name is ‘Dossu’ and the Radio Handle (short name) ‘Dos’ — Chartered Accountant (CPA) by profession.

My interest in Radio started in 1946, during my school days. Did considerable short wave listening (till 1958) using a modified BC348 and a R1155, both of them being WW2 surplus receivers. For sentimental reasons I still retain both of them in a perfect working condition!

Passed the General Class RAE in 1959. Licensed in 1960 with the call sign VU2NP.

Obtained my DXCC and various other awards using my homebrew G2DAF TX/RX.

Other hobbies include computers, philately, photography and music – both classical as well as jazz.”

Read more at his QRZ page : VU2NP

Dossu’s last interaction with Mumbai Hams in



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